3 Excuses Why I’ve Never Tried MamaBake and Should Have

How to MamaBake: My Kitchen is Small!

One thing we get asked all the time is, if one has a small kitchen, can MamaBake still happen?  (Oh and if you’re not sure how to MamaBake in the first place, please go here for a minute). Can Mama still get free time and enjoy the benefits of MamaBaking? We say:  “Sure you can!” […]

A Healthy Relationship With Food

By Ruby Roberts Food has been on my mind, of late. Well, honestly, food is always on my mind, but more so, lately. Stepping on a scale and watching the kilos nudging 100 will do that to a girl. Yep, there’s no denying it. I’m out of shape. I’ve loved food maybe a little too […]

MamaBakers’ Top 11 ‘Stay Sane’ Thoughts & Doings for Mamas

  1.  Only take advice from people who genuinely love you and who matter.  (Ange) 2.  Remember that though it may be all encompassing now, each stage does pass. (Ange) 3.  A long hot shower! For me or them.  (Saz) 4.  Playpen:  to stick one’s self in for a quick sanity-saving cup of tea whilst […]