10 Ways to Stay Awake When you are Very Tired.

  In those early days of new bubbadom, as blissful as it can be, sleep deprivation can sometimes wreak havoc on our physical and mental wellbeing. Often, it’s simply not do-able to take a nap and we have to stay awake in spite of chronic tiredness. Here are some helpful tips to stay awake when […]

25 Ways to Overcome Sleep Deprivation

 By Michelle Shearer Sleep deprivation is the number one form of torture in the world yet us Mums deal with everyday for extended periods of time. Here are some recommended ways from the MamaBake community to get through a long day of fog and daze after yet another night of interrupted sleep. Other posts you […]

5 Play Ideas for Kids for the Tired Mama

By Karen Swan Isn’t it ironic, that at the time of your life when you are required to have endless energy and enthusiasm (motherhood), your time to actually rest or, heaven forbid, sleep, is drastically reduced.  I’m so used to the feeling of constant fatigue that it’s become normal and I’m still shocked at how […]