Ratatouille – freezer meal – big batch recipe

Ratatouille from Ratatouille! Serves 16 Has there even been a more fun cooking themed kids’ movie? When my kids saw the movie they couldn’t wait to make it with me. I love ratatouille not just because of the fun movie or the delicious taste but also because it is packed full of vegetables, it tastes […]

Once a Week Cooking Plan: Slow Cooker Vegetarian Meals – Menu 2

Perhaps the best part about eating vegetarian using a slow cooker is that you can keep all your prepped ingredients in the fridge, and not have to bother with that freezing and defrosting business. Although you can certainly do that if you make meals for the following weeks or months. Also there is the added […]

Ratatouille: Big batch! Budget!

Recipe by Liz Henderson, MamaBake Margaret River Serves approximately four families of four Ratatouille is an incredibly versatile meal and a big batch recipe ‘must’ for all the MamaBakers.  This is a great stand-alone meal, topped with grilled cheese and served with crusty bread or also as a delicious vegetable side dish to accompany meat, fish or […]