13 Recipes using Home Made Pastry

Made your BIG Once a Month Cooking Plan’s worth of pastry?  Here’s how to turn that pastry into family meals for the week/month ahead: photo by Petr Kratochvil   Other posts you might like:10-minute family dinners 15-Minute Zoodle Dinners Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Clean Soups and Slow Cooked Family Meals Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Asian Flavours (meat and […]

20 Ways With Christmas Leftovers

By Emma Chow I love Christmas leftovers. I hate wasting food. That is, as long as I can turn said leftovers into something else. Leftover meat, cheese, salads, vegetables and fruit are easily turned into new dishes. Then there are other bits and pieces, not so easy to revamp into something that the family will […]

Chicken and Vegetable Hand Pies

  This recipe is a fantastic one for using up leftovers from a roast chicken dinner – or if you happen to grab an extra chook because it’s reduced at the shops, then this is a great use of the meat.  Here, the pies were very popular and only lasted two days but if I […]