3 Herby Upgrades to your Soup or Stew!

Long-slow cooking yields sweet, rich and mellow flavours from meat and vegetables, but while delicious, these slow-cooked dishes can often feel flat and lack sharp, bright flavours that enliven rather than weary the palate. Using one of these three herb and garlic condiments from around the world add instant bright deliciousness to your soup or […]

Roasted Vegetable and Feta Pizza on a Rye Pizza Base

One afternoon we all rolled up our sleeves and decide to make lots of pizzas, from scratch, for the week’s lunches ahead. ¬†With my little toddler son, we had a ball! This pizza is made entirely from scratch using a rye flour pizza base, a home made tomato sauce (delicious), roasted vegetables and home made […]

Mint and Lime Pesto

Pesto is fantastic to have in the fridge when you have kids. It can be added to sandwiches for a bit of extra joojj, stirred in to mayonnaise to jazz that up, added to pasta for an uber¬†quick dinner, drizzled on pizza, spread on toast…the possibilities are endless. This is a staple in our house […]