MamaBake Kitchen Bench Stories: A Family Walk

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Our Kids: THIS is What Makes a Great Mum

By Michelle Shearer How much information is there out there nowadays about how to be a ‘good mum’?  With the loss of our extended families and connection with the older women in our communities who would, in the past, have mothered the mothers, we turn to text books and strangers to help us along the […]

MamaBakers’ Top 11 ‘Stay Sane’ Thoughts & Doings for Mamas

  1.  Only take advice from people who genuinely love you and who matter.  (Ange) 2.  Remember that though it may be all encompassing now, each stage does pass. (Ange) 3.  A long hot shower! For me or them.  (Saz) 4.  Playpen:  to stick one’s self in for a quick sanity-saving cup of tea whilst […]