One Pot Pasta – Road Tested

By Emma Chow It’s been doing the rounds on the internet for well over a year now, that tempting, possibly too-easy-to-be-true one pot pasta recipe where you bung all the raw ingredients in one large pot, top with water, and in 20 minutes you have a perfect dinner for a family of 4. I’ve eyeballed […]

Yoghurt Curry Chicken: Three Ingredient/One pot/big batch with Cucumber salad.

Honey Soy Chicken Bake: one pot/budget

By Michelle Shearer I love this meal when I’m super busy but want to have a decent meal on the table later.  Chuck all the ingredients together, let sit to marinade and then pop in the oven half an hour odd before dinner.  I will add other vegetables that I fancy like broccoli, leafy greens […]