Once-A-Week Cooking plan: Slow Cooker Dinners

Your once a week cooking plan – this month: all in the slow cooker! M Slow Cooker LasagneT Slow Cooker Roasted Vegetable, Pesto and Feta ScrollsW Slow Cooker Teriyaki ChickenT Slow Cooker Spinach and 4 Cheese Zucchini PastaF Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken SoupS Slow Cooker PizzaS Slow Cooker Enchiladas Once-A-Week Cooking Plan:  Shopping List Meat […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Perfect Family Dinners

Step-by-step Prep Instructions Lightly sauté the garlic and onion for 2-3 minutes. (Turkey Meatballs with tomato sauce and zoodles.) In a deep bowl combine turkey mince, breadcrumbs, egg, mustard, parsley, onion and garlic. Use your hands to combine well. (Turkey Meatballs with tomato sauce and zoodles.) Shape tablespoons sized amounts with your hands into meatballs. […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Meal Plan: BBQ Dinners

MENU M: Turkey BBQ Burgers T: BBQ Stuffed Capsicums W: BBQ Asian Meatballs T: Eggplant Burgers (Vegan) F: Coconut and Lime Chicken S: Pineapple and Pork Sausage Salad S: Sticky, Simple BBQ Pork Chops SHOPPING MEAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES DAIRY, FRIDGE & FROZEN GOODS DRY AND CANNED GOODS CONDIMENTS PANTRY ESSENTIALS 500 grams, ground turkey […]

Once A Week Cooking Plan: Slow Cooker Week (baggy method)

Once A Week Cooking Plan: MENU M: Sweet Potato and Peanut Spicy Stew (V) T: Honey Chicken with Carrots W: Sweet Potato Soup (v) T: Paleo Friendly Pork Chops with Apple F: Sausage with Tomatoes S: Teriyaki Chicken Wraps S: Hawaiian Chicken SHOPPING `MEAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES DAIRY DRY AND CANNED GOODS CONDIMENTS PANTRY ESSENTIALS 8 pieces of chicken breast 4 thickly […]

Once A Week Cooking Meal Plan: Clean Eating Family Dinners

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan – Christmas Season!

Whip me up quick it’s Christmas.  Easy but still interesting. This time of year is SO busy. Christmas parties, break up parties, relatives arrive, get together and picnic events are like every day. We need some sanity saving meals that we can come home after a long day looking at Christmas lights, taking Santa photos […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Easy Dinners with 5 Ingredients (or less)

MENU M Tasty Potato Casserole T Cheesy Ham Scrolls W Crunchy Chicken Bites T Simply Tasty Spinach Pie F Mango Stuffed Chicken S Ham and Bean Soup S Cauliflower Bake SHOPPING `MEAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES DAIRY and COLD DRY AND CANNED GOODS CONDIMENTS PANTRY ESSENTIALS 500 grams’ lean beef mice 200 grams’ honey leg ham, […]

Once A Week Cooking Plan: Light Dinners to Lunchboxes

Once A Week Cooking Plan: Stress Less Slow Cooker Dinners

Once A Week Cooking Plan – Pasta Dinners

Once-a-week-cooking plan: Budget Friendly Winter Dinners

Once-A-Week-Cooking-Plan: Vegetarian Meals

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Autumn BBQ Dinners

10 MamaBake’s Favourite Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cooker: how we love thee!  Even though we are starting the slow slide out of winter and into the warm embrace of spring the slow cooker is every busy mum’s best friend throughout even the warmest of months.  After all it won’t overheat the kitchen as it slowly cooks dinner through the day. Here are […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Wintry Comforts

Autumn Comfort Meals

April sees a cool change come, maybe not enough for Winter pyjamas but enough to make us enjoy some of those delicious comfort foods balanced out with Autumn seasonal fare. There is something about warming food and delicious cooking smells on cooler evenings that just makes for a beautiful and happy family dinner. MENU M […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Easter/Celebration

Mama Sally Reviews MamaBake’s Once-A-Week Cooking Plan

Review of Once-A-Week Cooking Plan  “I’m not a Mum who hates cooking. In fact, I love it! But the reality of life with two kids and two full-time working parents means that any time I can save during the week is precious. My work also requires me to travel frequently, and I feel slightly less […]

Once A Week Cooking Plan: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from Scratch, All in One Day

Once a Week Cooking Plan: Family Meals

Hey!  Welcome to MamaBake!   We’re really happy you’ve joined us so we wanted to give you the gift of a week of no cooking.   We all get absolutely sick to death of cooking – it can be such a bore! If that’s you, this Once-A-Week Cooking meal plan is perfect for you – […]