Once A Week Cooking Plan: Slow Cooker Week (baggy method)

Once A Week Cooking Plan: MENU M: Sweet Potato and Peanut Spicy Stew (V) T: Honey Chicken with Carrots W: Sweet Potato Soup (v) T: Paleo Friendly Pork Chops with Apple F: Sausage with Tomatoes S: Teriyaki Chicken Wraps S: Hawaiian Chicken SHOPPING `MEAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES DAIRY DRY AND CANNED GOODS CONDIMENTS PANTRY ESSENTIALS 8 pieces of chicken breast 4 thickly […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Family Friendly Spicy Dinners

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Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Family Dinner Favourite

  M Coconut Marinated chicken T Sweet Potato, Onion & Apple Salad W Steak and Vegetable Kebabs T Tomato and Eggplant Parmesan F Steak and Capsicum Fajitas S Grilled vegetable tortilla pizzas S Tasty Rice SHOPPING MEAT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES DAIRY, EGGS AND FROZEN GOODS DRY AND CANNED GOODS CONDIMENTS PANTRY ESSENTIALS 500 grams chicken […]