What do I bring to a MamaBake group session?

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MamaBake Facebook Groups

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Spice up Your Life! 17 Recipes Using Spices!

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MamaBake Lennox Head

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MamaBake Berlin!

Where are you? We are a bunch of (mainly) expat mamas based in Berlin, German. How did you get started and how did you find each other? One of us was a member of a MamaBake group in Brisbane before moving to Berlin. After about four months living there and as the weather got colder […]

MamaBake Newcastle

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MamaBake Mackay

1. Where are you & how did you get started? Mamabake Mackay is a group of 5 Mamas who started cooking together about a year ago. Emma and Katrina both saw the idea on Facebook, and put the word out for others to join them. Emma and Katrina are sisters-in-law and have been joined by […]

MamaBake Perth

MamaBake Eltham Wattletree

Chicken Korma: big batch recipe!

Recipe from the Shire MamaBakers This one apparently is quite the fave with the SutherlandShire MamaBakers.  Curries are great MamaBake swapping fare.  It can go a long way and can be bulked out, if necessary with more vegetables to go even further.    Serves 16 12 tablespoons olive oil 12 tablespoons butter 8 large onions, chopped 24 tablespoons […]

MamaBake Wellington, New Zealand

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MamaBake North Ryde

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MamaBake Adelaide

1. How long have you been mamabaking? Some members have been Mamabaking for about 2 years, but as a Vegan group only 12-18 months.

MamaBake Groups: some of our favourite photos!

We have groups across the world and we’re growing all the time.  I was going through some old albums the other day and felt like sharing some of my faves with you from groups across Australia.  Here you go! Other posts you might like:Big batch recipe: Tasty Cheesy Cauliflower Bites MamaBake’s Favourite 2 Ingredient Recipes! […]

MamaBake Tempe


MamaBake Canberra: The Beginning.

MamaBake Margaret River

    Where?  Margaret River, Western Australia Who’s in the pic? Mariana, Liz and Donna How many in your group? Depends but usually about three.  Our members are from Uruguay, France and Ireland! Fave MamaBake meals? Andrea’s bolognese, Liz’s salads, toddler slice, Elizabeth’s Iranian soup and lemon curd, Sausage Casserole How long have you been MamaBaking? One year Fantasy cake?  Real Ginger […]

How to Host a MamaBake Session

As a mother in the Western world, we are often far from extended family and support networks who know how to pitch in when we are raising children. The nuclear family set-up seems to cover everyone in the family apart from the mother who tends to carry the lion’s share of the domestic load. The […]