How to Start a MamaBake Group

Are you keen to start your very own MamaBake group but not quite sure HOW?  Read on! We’ll get you up and running in no time. What even IS MamaBake?  Click here to find out. Starting a group of any kind can feel like a huge responsibility especially when you have all the domestic and […]

MamaBake Penrith and Hawkesbury

Sarah Thompson tells us about her MamaBake group in Hawksebury, NSW, Australia. 1/  How long have you been MamaBaking for? About a year now. We started off going every fortnight but then took a break over Christmas and now we meet monthly.  2/ How many are you and where? In our group theres six regulars […]

MamaBake Lennox Head

    Where?  Lennox Head, Northern NSW, Australia Who’s in the pic?  Bec, Naomi, Jodie, Amy & Michelle How many in your group? It can vary, between 3-8 . Fave MamaBake meals?  Pecan cottage rolls, spinach & ricotta canelloni, spinach and cheese pies. How long have you been MamaBaking? A little over two years Fantasy cake?  Anything made […]

Tips on Getting Started

Get your free How to Start a MamaBake eBook (big batch recipes, a start-up poster etc)by clicking on the piccy.  All the details are in there. Here are a few guiding principles for groups that help keep the MamaBake spirit alive and well.   Founding member, Mama Becs, always says: “Keep it simple”.  Don’t get too […]