Nourishing Vegetable and Peanut Soup: big batch recipe

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Meat-free dinners (for a non-vegetarian family)

This menu is particularly directed at families that want to have a go at eating more vegetarian meals, but are afraid the children won’t like it: it won’t be substantial enough, it’s too difficult etc. It is becoming increasingly clear that the amount of meat that we eat in the Western world is unsustainable, not […]

Sausage, Kale & White Bean Stew with Mrs Balls Chutney!

Rainbow Kaleslaw! Big Batch idea

By Alethea Mauro This is my version of coleslaw with a healthy twist!  I have ditched the traditional creamy mayonnaise style dressing and given this colourful kaleslaw a bit of a zing with a tangy yet sweet vinagrette.  This is a lovely light and refreshing salad to enjoy on a hot summers day! Increase the […]

Kale & Pasta Bake! Vegetarian! Big Batch! (gluten free option)

Kale, Egg and Cheese Bacon Cups

These are the business (<chef-y technical term)!  Delicious and deeply satisfying.  This is a ridiculously versatile recipe so really go ahead and mix it up –  turn it on it’s head.  Lunchbox friendly!

8 Simple Tips to Grow Your Own Kale

      Buying Kale from the shops can be expensive. Fact is, kale is SUPER easy to grow yourself.    It is a highly tolerant plant so can be grown almost anywhere.  At HQ we love our kale and grow lots of it. Here are our top 8 tips to get you growing yours […]

50 ways with Kale

When a MamaBaker put out a call for help to tame the kale that was growing weed-like through her garden, the response from our community was an overwhelming, “Lucky you!”.  It would seem that the mighty kale has quite the following. But what to do with this nutrient dense, powerhouse of a vegetable?