Best Raspberry Marshmallows

  MamaBake’s Favourite Marshmallow Recipe! I hate it when you have a hankering for marshmallows so you make a beeline down to the local shops to grab a bag load.  Then you spy the ingredients list and ugh, SO much sugar and other yucky stuff (and – ahem – goaheadandbuythemanyway).  ANYWAY!  If you fancy having […]

Naturally Flavoured Strawberry Marshmallows – 5 Ingredients!

 I’ve been making a lot of marshmallows recently. I don’t love buying my kids store bought sweets with all their unreadable numbers and the frequency of high fructose corn syrup turning up in the ingredients list. Marshmallows are really easy to make and capture the imaginations of adults and children alike. This recipe has them […]