23 Home Made Supermarket Favourites

Fancy saving a little cash at your next supermarket shop? Many of these supermarket items fetch a premium price when the cost of their components are far less. You just need a little time, a little energy and you’ll discover just how fun it can be to  make these household and kitchen staples from scratch. […]

Home Made Yoghurt & Labne Recipes

  By Kylie Archer   There are two reasons why I make my own homemade yoghurt: 1. I’m cheap: it only costs me about $1.40 per litre for normal yoghurt and $1.80 per litre for greek yoghurt to make it myself (this cost is factoring in the cost of the yoghurt maker). 2. I know […]

Home Made Calzones: budget/Lunchbox heaven

By Camille Gibson Calzones are Italian pastries made using traditional pizza ingredients.  They are tasty and fun, and have proven very popular with my kids. Serve alongside a green salad for a delicious dinner. Alternatively, you can make miniature versions of these, and freeze them to use in school lunches. The recipe below makes a […]

Home Made Mayonnaise!

Recipe by Elizabeth Henderson Tastes better than anything bought in shops, cheaper to make yourself and you can vary it with roasted garlic and capsicum and well, just about whatever else you fancy.  I love having a jar of home made mayo in the fridge. Ingredients: 1 egg yolk 250 ml sunflower oil (no olive […]