Christa’s Welcome to the World Cookies

Recently on MamaBake, we asked what would mums take new mums? We had some amazing responses and one MamaBaker, Christa D’Orr, said she would always take new mums her Welcome to the World cookies. We asked her to share and so she did. Ingredients 1/2 cup softened butter2 eggs1 tsp vanilla3/4 cup plain flour1 cup […]

Chai Spiced Almond Meal Cookies – gluten free/grain free/refined sugar free/egg free

  I have been making my own almond milk lately and experimenting with different warming spices.  I have been looking to create something delicious from the almond milk pulp leftover from the milk.  These definitely hit the spot.  They’re an energy sustaining cookie recipe that has no refined sugar or grains or gluten.  I have […]

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