Mum, relax. Affirmations for moments of overwhelm

Call them mantras, affirmations, meditations or sayings; some days a few positive words can lift you up and get you through a rough patch. We asked you, our MamaBake community, for the words that raise your spirits, and you answered. “Remember,  give 100% in everything you do, except when giving blood” “It’s just a bad […]

20 Washing Machine Hacks

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Mummy Burnout and How to Avoid It

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Caravan adventures! MamaBakers in real life.

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3 Excuses Why I’ve Never Tried MamaBake and Should Have

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A Survival Guide for Australian Families: Budget 2014

By Michelle Shearer What does the Abbott Government’s first budget mean for families?  It’s not for the faint hearted.  Here’s a rundown from ABC News: The Budget 2014: How it Affects Families The Government has reduced the cut-off for Family Tax Benefit B to $100,000 from $150,000. Previously the Family Tax Benefit B extended to families […]

How to MamaBake: My Kitchen is Small!

One thing we get asked all the time is, if one has a small kitchen, can MamaBake still happen?  (Oh and if you’re not sure how to MamaBake in the first place, please go here for a minute). Can Mama still get free time and enjoy the benefits of MamaBaking? We say:  “Sure you can!” […]

MamaBake Newcastle

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MamaBake Perth

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MamaBake Lower Blue Mountains

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Who ARE the people in your neighbourhood?

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5 Play Ideas for Kids for the Tired Mama

By Karen Swan Isn’t it ironic, that at the time of your life when you are required to have endless energy and enthusiasm (motherhood), your time to actually rest or, heaven forbid, sleep, is drastically reduced.  I’m so used to the feeling of constant fatigue that it’s become normal and I’m still shocked at how […]

MamaBake Canberra: The Beginning.

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21 One Handed Snack Ideas for the Newly Birthed Mother

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A Letter from Lori: How a Meal Mean’t the World

“Hello MamaBake I wanted to write to mention a post from here to let you know how it impacted on my life. In January this year, my mother was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer. Due to the aggressive nature of this illness, Mum was already in the final stages, and we were told that she had […]

Standby! MamaBake Bega

    1.  Who’s in the photo? Carly, Rebecca, Meagan & Jo (with Bonnie) 2.  How many in your group?  We’ve got 4 – 5 regulars, and up to 10 MamaBakers overall in our group 3.  Fave MamaBake meals? Good ol’ bolognese is always a hit, Carly’s Beet Relish. Donna’s famous Glazed Pork & Veat Meatloaf wrapped […]

Mothers and Friendship

    Last year I had a baby. Little Georgette, fat and smiley, is the sunshine of my life, but the pregnancy was tough.  By my final trimester, I was not so much Yummy Mummy as Weeping Cow.   I spent my days necking back painkillers and having little sit-downs in the supermarket after a […]

Tips on Getting Started

Get your free How to Start a MamaBake eBook (big batch recipes, a start-up poster etc)by clicking on the piccy.  All the details are in there. Here are a few guiding principles for groups that help keep the MamaBake spirit alive and well.   Founding member, Mama Becs, always says: “Keep it simple”.  Don’t get too […]