25 Warming Winter Dinners


20 Mamabake Recipes for the Christmas Table

We’ve written many a recipe at MamaBake and over the years we’ve developed quite a cache of Christmas table appropriate dishes and desserts. Take methods from our 3 meals with 1 pork shoulder, lamb leg and roast chicken to make your leftover go further, add some old school charm with sausage and egg twists, make […]

Jenny’s Cheese Pie (Tiropita): Big Batch!

This is MamaBake Berlin’s favourite big batch meal that they love to share.  This is Jenny’s signature dish: Cheese Pie otherwise known as Tiropita –  and she is sharing is with us across the world.  Thanks MamaBakers!  Ingredients 600 gr frozen puff pastry 500 gr feta cheese 80 gr flour 75 gr butter 250 ml […]