How a mum-friend at Playgroup turned out to be my biggest love

I don’t remember every detail of when I first met the father of my children, but I certainly recall first casting my eyes on my best friend, Nadine. Our babies were both one month old when we met at a government-funded Playgroup in country NSW.  Both 28, we were new to town, and like fish […]

Is Mamabake the answer to our current recycling crisis?

On January 1, China quit recycling 24 categories of foreign waste, including certain types of plastics, paper and textiles. Instead, China has joined other progressive countries to implement a closed loop manufacturing system. This means only recycling what they produce locally – putting the responsibility of recycling my rogan-josh-stained takeaway containers and sour milk bottles […]

Cry at your kid’s Christmas concert? Science says you’re evolved

Ever wondered why you snort back ugly tears of joy when attending your child’s lame-o Christmas Concert? Like most mums, I’m tough. I have Teflon-coated superpowers that ensure the daily onslaught of shit thrown my way doesn’t stick, let along make me cry. But then I find myself at the school Christmas concert, looking at my […]

Here’s what the mental load of a mother looks like at Christmas

Want peace on earth this Christmas? Maybe we should start easing the impossible mental load carried by women — mothers in particular — during the festive season. For those who need some insight into the goings-on in the mind of the average mother in the lead up to Christmas, here is a 3-minute inner-monologue: “What […]

OPINION: Stop blaming your vagina. The real bloody disgrace is climate-denying men

Facebook has me accurately pegged as a bleeding heart with a bleeding vagina. And like any woman of child-bearing age whose digital trail reveals environmental inclinations, my Facebook feed is stuffed – like bloated organic cotton-wadding inside a consciously-consuming vagina – with empowering menstruation management alternatives. My social media feed is saturated with refreshingly average-sized […]

I bring crap salads to BBQs and it doesn’t make me a bad woman

For my mum’s generation, being invited to a barbecue wasn’t an act of martyrdom. Her duty was only to prepare one of three salads: coleslaw, potato, or garden salad (cubed cheese optional). Dressings were store-bought and the emphasis was on showing up with a 4L cask of Jacobs Creek chardonnay, transported in one of these […]

New mums shouldn’t have to faint at Woolies to get help

Walking to Woolies in 38C degree heat with a newborn strapped to your chest, pushing an unweildly stroller heaving with an overtired toddler, should be avoided under normal circumstances, let alone weeks after an emergency cesarean. But dinner had to be cooked and the family car had been prioritised for breadwinning purposes. I remember finally […]

18 cesarean recovery tips from mums who have been there

Listen to the medical staff. If they say to go easy, go easy. There’s reasons behind their advice and even if you think you feel good enough to do this or that, you are doing more damage trying too much, too soon. Listen to their advice on how to do certain tasks (sit up, stand […]

Losing the screen wars with your kids? Just get less done

The latest Australian Child Health Poll has found parents of young children used screens to distract their children so they could ‘get things done’. The Director of the Australian Child Health Poll, paediatrician Dr Anthea Rhodes said, “The demands of the modern lifestyle mean a lot of parents are busy, so they use screen use […]

8 smackdown responses from one-child parents: When are you having another baby?

The ‘micro-family’ is the fastest growing household in Australia. With more parents having only one child, you’d think the judgement about one-child families would ease off. But according to the Mamabake community and a US expert, one-child families keep on getting judged, and are still navigating that age-old loaded question: ‘When are you going to give your […]

How I became another working homeless mother

Two years ago, I found myself — an educated, employed mother-of-two — without a home. At the time I didn’t think of myself as homeless. Not even when I covered my eldest daughter’s mouth and begged her to stop shrieking for fear that she’d wake up my best friend, a shift-working nurse and single mother, […]

The untranslatable word only mothers understand

You look at your baby, her little plump feet, that prefect marshmallow bum, those cheeks, oh, those cheeks! Suddenly a shrill and entirely unwelcome feeling overwhelms you. You find yourself wanting to violently pinch those cheeks hard and devour your baby whole. The good news is, you are not a freak. Ideating violent acts on […]

New study: Less housework is better than money

Recent research has proven what the Mamabake movement has known since the start: Freeing up time from household chores is more precious than material possessions. The study, led by researchers at the University of British Columbia and Harvard Business School, suggests that using money to buy free time— such as paying to delegate household chores like […]

13 empowering YouTube tutorials to liberate mothers

As a young girl, I was taught a lot of things. To braid hair, to colour between the lines, to knot friendship bracelets, to wipe from front to back, to choreograph all of Madonna’s dance routines in my loungeroom. But none of these lessons in creative arts and hygiene help when you’re in a dark […]

Bananas: What this horrifying 70s cookbook reveals

Before everyone was Instagramming their Deconstructed Breakfast Burritos at jaunty angles against distressed timber backdrops, the only people who took photos of food were cookbook photographers. We don’t know who was responsible for the food styling and photography of the 1970 cookbook ‘Be Bold With Bananas’, but its greasy sepia-toned aesthetic has made the book […]

Pink ‘failing beautifully’ at school holiday parenting

Motherhood is a great leveler. Pop powerhouse Pink may have sold 42 million albums worldwide but a combination of summer holidays and a New York heatwave left her admitting to ‘failing beautifully’ as a mother. The sapped-looking songstress’ Instagram selfie, which also captured her six-year-old daughter free-ranging inside her New York apartment, was captioned:  ‘Yeah my […]

Why Mamabake is the radical act of love we need

One moment I was slopping 5 litres of big-batch butter chicken into tumeric-stained containers, the next I found myself radicalised into a growing feminist movement. Mamabake, through real-life love-in-action, was set quietly on dismantling the structural oppression which devalued the collective creative force of motherhood. And the butter chicken was to die for. The Mamabake movement is […]