Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Meat and Veg Family Dinners

MENU Monday:  Lamb CurryTuesday:  Gluten Free LasagneWednesday:  Satay Chicken SkewersThursday:  Lentil and Chickpea DahlFriday: Pumpkin and Bacon SoupSaturday: Sausage GoulashSunday: Miso Soup with Tofu   Meat & Fish Fruit and Veg Dairy and Frozen 700 grams of lamb shoulder, sliced into 2cm pieces 500 grams gluten free beef mince 500 grams chicken breast, cut into […]

Batch Cooking Recipe: Chunky Red Wine Beef Pasta

This is kind of a cross between a yummy beef stew and a ragu-y s type dish.  Toss the beef sauce through the cooked pasta for meals ready to be stashed for another night. Ingredients  • 1 kilo beef, cut into 1cm pieces • 1 litre beef stock • 1 cup red wine • 3 […]

Batch Cooking Recipe: Maple and Bacon Baked Beans

You will need a wide but deep saucepan for this dish. This recipe is delicious and always a win with the kids.  Have these baked beans on toast, on top of a jacket potato with cheeseor for breakfast with an egg or two.  Perfect for a quick (cheap!) and satisfying family dinner. Ingredients 4 x […]

Big Batch Recipe: Apple Cider Pulled Chicken

You will need a slow cooker for this recipe.  This is a super versatile meal to have in the fridge and the freezer.  Add to rolls and coleslaw, jacket potatoes, quinoa or rice and add some yummy steamed veg to turn this into a delicious family dinner. Ingredients 8 pink lady apples, (or similar), sliced […]

Big Batch Recipe: Split Pea Soup

For this big batch recipe, you will need 1 really deep stock soup saucepan or two saucepans and a stick blender. Ingredients 4 litres chicken stock 2 cups of dry, green, split peas, rinsed 500 grams of ham, shredded into tiny pieces ¼ cup butter 2 red onions, finely diced 4 large carrots, diced 4 […]

Homemade Chocolate Brownies Dry Mix Recipe

Gotta say we love our dry mix recipes at the moment. Super handy to have all the dry ingredients stored in a jar then just have to add an egg or some milk or some water and voila: pancakes or brownies or soup or a cake – we have heaps! Want to check the others […]

Mashed Potato and Cauliflower Tots

We’ve all had that head of cauliflower moping around in the fridge waiting for its final go-out. And, when the stars align, we also have a bowl of leftover mashed potato wasting time, doing nothing, serving no purpose at all. This recipe gives purpose to your lazy cauli and purposeless mashed tatties. Whip them both […]

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Batch Cooking

So this is for you if you’re a busy mum and sick of thinking about, shopping for, prepping for and cooking dinners 7 nights a week – oh we hear you, sister!  We’re sick of it too and that’s why we’re here – to ease your cooking burden! What is batch cooking? Batch cooking is […]

Batch Cooking Freezer Guide

We love our freezers!  They allow us to store food we’ve already made ready for a night/s when we can’t be bothered thinking about or cooking dinner. Here’s our quick freezer guide where we share our tips about which meals and foods store well in the freezer and which foods don’t store well in the […]

Big Batch Recipe: Homemade Taco Seasoning Mix

Our family loves a good Mexican meal on the weekend! It is super appealing to just tear open a little sachet and sprinkle its contents on to some beef mince or vegetables and beans ready for stuffing some delicious tacos. However, got to say though, homemade always trumps packet food! So here is our own […]

Batch Cooking Recipe: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs

Ingredients 4 kilos of chicken thighs 500 grams of raw bacon slices 4 tablespoons garlic paste 2 red onions, sliced into thin circles 4 teaspoons chilli paste (optional) Method Rub each chicken thigh in the garlic and chili paste. Place a thin slice of onion on the top. Wrap in a couple of pieces of […]

Batch Cooking Recipe: Stuffed Capsicums

Ingredients 12 capsicums, assorted red, yellow, green if possible, cut in half, seeds removed. 2 kilos beef mince. 1 x 375-gram tin of brown lentils, rinsed and drained 1 x 375-gram tin of corn kernels, drained 2 red onions, finely chopped 2 zucchinis, finely diced 2 cups frozen peas 4 cups cheddar cheese, grated 4 […]

Batch Cooking Recipe: Sticky Brown Sugar Chicken Wings

You will be a hit at your next BBQ with everyone with these wings! Ingredients 4 kilos chicken wings 4 cups tomato sauce 1 cup honey 4 tablespoons Worcestshire sauce 4 tablespoons apple cider vinegar 2 cups firmly packed brown sugar 4 teaspoons garlic paste Method In a deep bowl combine everything but the wings […]

Batch cooking recipe: French Onion Soup (made with Bone Broth)

Ingredients 1 litre of bone broth, bought is fine but if you have some fresh bone broth premade in the freezer, even better (MamaBake bone broth recipe here) 1-litre water 10 brown onions, sliced 4 long stalks of fresh thyme 1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, grated 250 grams butter Salt and pepper to taste Method […]

Once-A-Week Cooking plan: Slow Cooker Dinners

Your once a week cooking plan – this month: all in the slow cooker! M Slow Cooker LasagneT Slow Cooker Roasted Vegetable, Pesto and Feta ScrollsW Slow Cooker Teriyaki ChickenT Slow Cooker Spinach and 4 Cheese Zucchini PastaF Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken SoupS Slow Cooker PizzaS Slow Cooker Enchiladas Once-A-Week Cooking Plan:  Shopping List Meat […]

Pip’s Risotto (pressure cooker recipe)

We had a chat recently over on the MamaBake Facebook page about the InstaPot and pressure cooker appliances – what different people thought of them etc. Interesting read! One of the MamaBaker’s, Pip Tuipulotu, said she had a great risotto recipe that she makes in her pressure cooker with great results. She so very kindly […]

What to take to a new mum

What to take to a new mum? It’s a question we asked our beautiful community of MamaBakers recently and we were pretty blown away by the loving, kind and considerate responses. It obviously completely depends on the mama, your relationship to her, whether she has other kids, if she has family close by. In case, […]

Christa’s Welcome to the World Cookies

Recently on MamaBake, we asked what would mums take new mums? We had some amazing responses and one MamaBaker, Christa D’Orr, said she would always take new mums her Welcome to the World cookies. We asked her to share and so she did. Ingredients 1/2 cup softened butter2 eggs1 tsp vanilla3/4 cup plain flour1 cup […]

Once-A-Week Cooking Plan: Perfect Family Dinners

Step-by-step Prep Instructions Lightly sauté the garlic and onion for 2-3 minutes. (Turkey Meatballs with tomato sauce and zoodles.) In a deep bowl combine turkey mince, breadcrumbs, egg, mustard, parsley, onion and garlic. Use your hands to combine well. (Turkey Meatballs with tomato sauce and zoodles.) Shape tablespoons sized amounts with your hands into meatballs. […]

Big batch recipe: Turkey Meatloaf

Turkey Meatloaf Best made in multiple loaf tins. Ingredients 2 kilos of lean Turkey mince ½ cup Worcestershire sauce ¼ cup olive oil 4 eggs 1 cup tomato sauce 2 cups breadcrumbs 8 sprigs of fresh rosemary 2 red onions, diced very finely 4 teaspoons of marjoram 1 cup of brazil nuts, smashed Method Grease […]

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