MamaBake’s BEST brownie recipes

When it comes to sweet treats, it’s hard to go past the humble brownie.  At its most simple, you’re never more than thirty minutes away from chocolate nirvana.  Get a little snazzy with the basic recipe however, and the little brownie becomes a show stopping, drool worthy dessert to end all desserts.

Here at MamaBake HQ we are quite partial to whipping up a batch of brownies, and have collated our BEST brownie recipes to share the love!

Start with the basics. No fuss, easy to throw together, and perfect results every time. Our big batch brownie recipes have you covered, allergy requirements and all! 

Gooey, fudgy and all things a brownie should be.

When brownies and health food mix!

No chocolate in the house?  Never fear!  These delicious morsels can be whipped up in a flash using cocoa powder!

You had me at ‘cheesecake’.

So rich, so decadent, so delicious!

Black bean brownies?  You’ll surprise yourself with these ones!  High in protein to boot!

These are my favourites of the lot if I’m honest.  Raw, full of good stuff and insanely delicious.  If you’ve never dabbled in raw sweets before, these are the recipes for you!

While we’re all pretty familiar with the brunette deliciousness of a brownie, we’re a little less familiar with its golden cousin:  The Blondie.


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