MamaBake’s BEST banana bread recipes

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A good banana bread recipe is a must-have in your arsenal for every ‘bring a plate’ occasion that Motherhood throws at you (and let’s face it, it seems an endless requirement some days doesn’t it?).

Kids love the sweetness to the point of ‘almost’ being able to pass it off as actual cake, but you know that it’s really a pretty healthy alternative, so your Mummy tiara can remain untarnished and sparkling wildly.

We’ve got a banana bread to suit everyone here; Karen from MB HQ is coeliac so many of these recipes are gluten free, and really, because banana bread is quite a moist bread, it takes to gluten free flours beautifully (If you’re substituting regular flour in recipes, be a little mindful that you may not need to add as much liquid).

Have you got a go to favourite banana bread recipe?  We’re always on the lookout for amazing new recipes.  If you fancy sharing with the community, please email them to and we’ll cook them up!



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