MamaBake’s BEST Homemade Chocolate Recipes

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First things first.  You’ll need this basic chocolate recipe for most of these scrumptious treats.  It’s only 4 ingredients and is basically a vegetable it’s so bleedin’ healthy!

I dare you to try and stop at one of these peanutty, chocolate morsels…..go on, try.

3 words. Get. In. My. Belly.

Quite possibly my favourite of all the recipes we’ve put together for you.  I adore these caramel beauties and they’d be perfect for an Easter treat, boxed up with some twine (how very Pinterest worthy!)

If you could marry chocolate, I’d be Mrs Chocolate Caramel Rice cakes and be one very satisfied woman.

No words.  Just make them.

SO easy. So delicious.  Add whatever fruit and nut combo that tickles your fancy.

A little more detailed and more like ‘real’ chocolate than the recipes above, this one is a corker!

and now a little something for the white chocolate lovers among us……

Chocolate cravings STILL not satisfied? 
Head here for all our chocolate recipes.

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