MamaBake’s BEST chocolate cake recipes

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My friend: the chocolate cake……what would I do without you?  In times of need, you have never let me down.  Giant slabs sliced and demolished in between sobs over lost love.  Entire cakes inhaled in a fit of late night PMS cravings.  Or, iced to perfection, candles aglow, ready to share and celebrate a birthday with friends and family.  The chocolate cake will never go out of style, so here we have our all-time BEST chocolate cake recipes with something for everyone; allergy friendly, gluten free and, wait for it…..the cake with 1KG of chocolate in it.  Oh yes. Get. In. My. Belly.

Simple, no frills, classic chocolate cake for those ‘just because‘ moments in life. (gluten free)

A no fuss, easy, 2 step big batch recipe for perfect little chocolate cakes every single time.

But sometimes, handing over a chuck of chocolate cake to our small people can trigger the Mummy guilt over sugar, butter and the like. Never fear!  The following recipes are *almost* health foods!

This one is the stuff of urban legend…..the cake that stops the internet.  Hand me the kidney beans!

Gluten, grain and dairy free, this one’s for our paleo peeps.

A wonderful, genius even, way to use up the inevitable 43 billion zucchinis that grow in the veggie patch each year.

….and this one’s for those bananas that have seen better days in the fruit bowl.

Orange and poppy seed cake gets a chocolate makeover.

Now……onto the serious stuff……the big hitters……..the uber-cakes of the chocolate world. Read on and drool.

The only basic flourless chocolate cake recipe you’ll ever need!

Except maybe this one……….

Chocolate and peanut butter =  a match made in heaven.  Oh, this one’s gluten free too!

…because if they’re little you can have more than one. Right?

Incredibly rich.  Incredibly decadent.  You know all those dinner parties you have? This one is to save for sharing with adults over intelligent conversation whilst sipping a dessert wine…..(oh who am I kidding, make it and eat it hiding from the kids in the linen cupboard.)

And now….the chocolate cake to end all chocolate cakes.  Hold onto your hats (and perhaps invest in some stretchy pants) chocolate lovers………


Fancy having a crack at making your own chocolate and wowing all and sundry with your amazing confectionary talents? 
Check out our BEST homemade chocolate recipes here.

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