MamaBake’s BEST Cookie Recipes

cookie recipes

MamaBake’s favourite cookie recipes

Children need cookies.  Think of the children!  But let’s be honest, WE love our cookies too don’t we?  With a nice strong cuppa and feet up and then a good cookie dunking sesh. Divine (when it happens)!  Cookies from the shops can be expensive and absolutely laden with sugar and more sugar and oh, more sugar and then taste like dust.

Yes, our cookie recipes have some sugar involved but the rest of the ingredients you can understand and probably have in your larder. Oh, and they taste flippin’ great!

Anyway, here is our favourite collection of cookie recipes for you and yours (but mainly for you).

Make-Ahead Slice and Bake Cookies

cookie recipes


Grain Free Chocolate Chip Cookies: Big Batch Recipe

cookie recipes

Chewy Chocolate Cookies: big batch recipe

cookie recipes

Almond Cookies

cookie recipes

Peanut Butter Cookies

cookie recipes

Speculaas – Dutch Spice Cookies

cookie recipe

Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cookies

gluten free cookie recipe

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