Big batch recipe: Coconut Sticky Chicken Wings

big batch recipe

This is a great recipe to add to your weekly meal planning.  Just bung it all in a few freezer bags, and there’s 4 meals done!

Delicious served with rice and simple green vegetables.


4 x 400 ml cans of full fat coconut cream

2 kilos chicken wings

4 tablespoons garlic paste

4 tablespoons  soy sauce

4 tablespoons raw honey


Combine together, (in batches) the coconut milk, honey, garlic, soy sauce, whisk well.

Divide this mixture between 4 deep freezer bags.

Place ¼ of the chicken wings in each bags.

Give it a shake to coat all the chicken.


To cook:

Defrost the night before in the fridge.
Place chicken in a baking tray.
Cook in a medium hot oven at 180’c for approx. 30 minutes. Make sure chicken is visibly cooked all the way through.

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