MamaBake’s Favourite 2 Ingredient Recipes!

Remember a few years ago when the internet went batty for all things 2 ingredient?  Pinterest was awash with an endless array of seemingly impossible creations, made using only 2 ingredients.  Here at MamaBake, we can never resist a challenge and tried MANY of these recipes.

Some worked, some failed.  Some are still open for debate (the 2 ingredient pancakes got reviews from glowing ‘Amazing! I’ll be making these every day!’ to ‘YUK! Tasted like banana flavoured scrambled eggs.’)

Still, a trip down memory lane through the recipe archives of MamaBake wouldn’t be complete without taking a look back at our 10 favourite 2 ingredient recipes.  Click on the image to open the recipe! (please note, some of these are premium member recipes)

Did you try any?  How did they go?  Any we missed?

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