Pink ‘failing beautifully’ at school holiday parenting

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Motherhood is a great leveler.

Pop powerhouse Pink may have sold 42 million albums worldwide but a combination of summer holidays and a New York heatwave left her admitting to ‘failing beautifully’ as a mother.

The sapped-looking songstress’ Instagram selfie, which also captured her six-year-old daughter free-ranging inside her New York apartment, was captioned:  ‘Yeah my kid rides her bike inside. Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone. #failingbeautifully #loveinthebigapplein2017.’


How can mothers do anything but fail on the school holidays? A memorable opinion piece by best-selling author Kasey Edwards  blew the lid on the gender imbalance of kid management and the literally impossible task of juggling the 60 days per year of school holiday with full-time work.

Just imagine if men were expected to take 60 days leave every year for 13 years to look after their kids on school holidays. That’s a career break of over 3 years. I’m pretty sure there’d be calls for a national inquiry into the reform of the school year and public money would start flowing to fund holiday programs.

But because it’s a women’s issue, we are just expected to shut up and get on with it. Happy holidays!

Even those in flexible employment agree that the school holidays can be a tough gig, with the modern mother expected to turn Cruise Ship Director just to keep her kids entertained.

As one Mamabaker so rightly said, sometimes you just need a sanctioned pyjama day. In Pink’s case, an undies day.

Pink, Mamabake salutes you and the 200,000-plus followers who liked the post, for dispelling the assumption that mothers should be ‘on’ all of the time.

Sometimes, especially during school holidays, you have to resign yourself to ‘failing beautifully’.

Sometimes you just can’t be this:

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