10 Ways with Stale Bread



When the bread goes stale, don’t chuck it out! ┬áHere are some ideas if you have stale bread:


  1. Wave stale sliced bread under a running tap before toasting.
  2. Brush the bread rolls all over with milk, pop them in a paper bag in the oven to rejuvenate them
  3. Turn it to breadcrumbs in the food processor for coating fish, chicken, adding to meatloaves, vegetable burgers etc.  Can freeze well.
  4. Make “French bread” (dipped in milk, then rolled in whisked eggs, baked in butter, and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar)
  5. Make bread and butter puddings.
  6. Fondu party!!
  7. Make croutons
  8. If it’s not too rock hard, use slices as pizza bases
  9. Toast it
  10. Rip it up into chunks and add to soups.

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