Sandwichless School Lunchbox Ideas

school lunch box ideas

The school holidays are winding up fast which means if you are the parent of a school aged child your mind will soon be completely and utterly preoccupied with solving the ancient mystery of what to put in your childrens’ school lunchboxes that they will actually eat and won’t come home mildly decomposed and a lot smelly and gag inducing.  God help you if you forget it at the end of the day and it remains in the back of a hot, sweaty car for a day or two.  God help you….

As parents of school aged kids ourselves here at MamaBake HQ, needless to say, we are huge fans of a school lunchbox that does not contain leftover sweaty, mashed up sandwiches and we reckon you are too!  So, here, have this: our latest compilation of sandwichless school lunchbox ideas for the new term coming up.

Have we missed anything?  Got any good ideas you’d care to share?  Send us your tested recipe and if it gets published you will receive a free membership to our Premium Cooking Club.


Savoury Ideas (*note: some may be member recipes)

Big Batch Easy Fried Chicken.mamabake title


Home made Breakfast danishes mamabake

dumplings pot sticker


Big Batch Spinach Triangles with peas


Sweet Potato & Salmon Patties Big Batch!


Big Batch pork & Apple Rissoles mamabake

pull apart bread


More Ideas

sandwichless lunchbox recipes

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Sandwichless School Lunch box ideas


sandwichless lunch box ideas healthy lunchbox ideas


sandwichless school lunch box ideas


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