23 Home Made Supermarket Favourites

home made supermarket favourites

Fancy saving a little cash at your next supermarket shop?

Many of these supermarket items fetch a premium price when the cost of their components are far less. You just need a little time, a little energy and you’ll discover just how fun it can be to ┬ámake these household and kitchen staples from scratch. Free from preservatives and harsh mystery chemicals, find recipes from breakfast essentials, condiments, ingredient basics and household cleaning items right here.

23 of our best home made supermarket favourites you can knock up yourself:


Make it or Buy it Baked Beans mamabake

Home Made Yoghurt and Labne Recipes

beetroot recipes

gluten free anzac

Gluten Free Gnocchi recipe ! Big batch recipe!


Bread recipes

make your own fetta cheese

Homemade Baking Powder mamabake

Homemade BBQ Sauce mamabake



Home made dry mix recipes

Homemade Peanut Butter (super smooth)

Lemon Curd Lemon butter

Raspeberry Chia Jam! 3 Ingredients!


soft caramel lollies big batch easy

home made muesli

home made toothpaste recipe, big batch recipes



home made dish washing powder

home made dish washing powder

Home Made Dry Shampoo: 3 ingredients!


once a week cooking

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