MamaBake Crafts: How to Make Window Stars

by Karen Swan

Window stars are a beautiful way of capturing the Autumn sunshine as it streams through a living room or bedroom window.  We first learned how to make these at my son’s Steiner (Waldorf) school playgroup and have been making them every year since.

2015-04-04 09.56.33

Now, as you’ll see from the images, I’m no expert at cutting straight and even lines, so my squares are a little skewif.  My folds aren’t all perfect and there’s splotches of glue where there shouldn’t be.  Let this be a sign of how adaptable these are!  Even with wonky squares and wayward glue, these stars STILL look beautiful!

DIY Window Stars04

They work best with kite paper (ask in your local art and craft store, or, if you have a Steiner school with a little shop, you may find it there), but you could use a strong tissue paper alternative.

From a 16 x 16cm square, I made four small window stars, or, with the paper left whole, one large.

DIY Window Stars12 What you need:

  • Kite paper or tissue paper in 8 rainbow colours.
  • Ruler (or, if you’re the crafty type, one of those guillotine thingies).
  • Sharp scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Glue that dries clear.
  • Small pieces of sticky tape.

How to:

DIY Window Stars05 Fold each 16 x 16 cm square into quarters and cut, making 4 smaller squares in each colour.

Select one square of each colour to make the first star.

DIY Window Stars06 Fold in half to make a triangle.

DIY Window Stars08 Fold two corners into the centre to make a diamond.

DIY Window Stars09 Repeat for all 8 colours.

DIY Window Stars10 Put a small drop of glue on the lower right hand corner of your first piece and line up the next colour, gluing as you need.  Repeat until you get to the final colour, when you’ll slot it in beside the first colour.

DIY Window Stars11 Place a little square of sticky tape in the centre and you’re done!

DIY Rainbow Window Stars07

DIY Rainbow Window Stars05

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