Cheesy Mashed Potato Bread Rolls! Gluten Free!

by Karen Swan

To introduce the inspiration behind this recipe I have three words for you and three words only,


Mashed potato (this is the tub of mashed potato my MIL made for me a moth ago.  The woman KNOWS how to handle PMS!)


1 cup leftover cold mashed potato (OK, if you’re in a carb binge state in the week prior to your period, the idea of leftover mash is laughable, so you might need to mash up a few for the recipe!)

1 cup Gluten Free Self Raising Flour

2 eggs

1/4 cup nutritional yeast flakes (optional but so very, very yummy!)***

1 tsp salt


Mix all the ingredients.

Form into roll size balls and cook in a pre-heated, 220 degree oven for about 10-15 minutes or until they are deliciously golden.

Eat IMMEDIATELY in front of the trashiest television program you can find, or, even better, in bed with the new Marian Keyes novel.

***Note:  these don’t actually contain cheese, but take the flavour from the nutritional yeast.  I imagine you could sub the yeast with grated cheese and still have a delicious bread!

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  1. I make the cheesy version of this which I call Instant Cheese Muffins. Now for the complicated ingredients list and instructions:
    1 cup SR flour. 1 cup milk. 1 cup grated cheese. That’s it.
    Mix and glop into mini muffin tins. Hot oven 220deg 10-15mins. Cheesy hot golden goodness. I’ve traditionally made these with regular SR flour but the last 2 batches I’ve made with Well & Good GF SR flour. My son & his Coeliac girlfriend inhaled them and pronounced them very, very good.
    Looking forward to trying the yeast flakes & eggs version 🙂

  2. I made this tonight and they were amazing! Well worth the trip to the health food store to get the nutritional yeast, especially as it looks like Miss2 may not be doing so well with cheese after all and I really really love cheese in almost everything.

  3. Valerie Ratcliff says

    Hi Karen,
    Great recipe! I stayed away from this recipe at first because it had cheesy in the title- but no cheese! (My whole family is wheat/dairy free!) I didn’t have any fancy GF flour, so just used normal GF flour and added some GF baking powder. I have lots of kids so doubled the recipe. Fantastic stuff. The kids loved it, and the very quick cooking time and easy list of ingredients makes it really convenient! Will definitely be making these again!

  4. Jacinta Durr says

    Just made these for lunch (serious PMS carb craving happening here!!) doubled the recipe and put grated cheese in them, so delicious, I also put some tomato chutney on them which was awesome!! Oh and I used Aldi’s plain flour and baking powder and worked beautifully 🙂

  5. Larisa Barnes says

    Made these as a Xmas brekky offering in a gluten-free household which is also trialling dairy-free for the youngest who is suffering a lot of snots…
    all liked them, but I am really glad someone called them ‘potato scones’ before I made them as it made understanding the texture to expect from the mixture – not like bread dough!
    I used Orgran SR gluten free flour and beat the eggs into the mashed potato (which I had mashed with a little sunflower oil and rice milk) before adding the flour. The yeast flakes made them quite ‘savoury’ which was lovely.

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