34 Sandwichless School Lunch Box Recipes

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sandwichless lunchbox recipes


Sandwiches – such a BORE.  Especially when a bit warm and very sweaty and all mushed in to a piece of banana and smeared into the wall of the lunchbox.


Make a break and have a crack at one of these sandwichless school lunch box recipes.

1. Chicken Kebabs: big batch recipe!

big batch recipe chicken skewers recipe

2.  CheesyMite Scrolls:
Gluten free/Big Batch Recipe/Freezer Friendly

big batch recipe, vegemite scrolls, gluten free recipe, school lunch box

 3. Lamb and Apricot Mini Burgers:
Gluten Free/Grain Free/Big Batch Recipe

school lunch box recipes

 4. Vegetarian ‘Sausage’ Rolls:
Big Batch Recipe/Freezer Friendly

vegetarian sausage rolls

 5. Roasted Pumpkin Falafels
Big Batch Recipe

big batch recipe, falafel recipe

6. Baked Crispy Garlic Chicken Legs!
Big Batch Recipe

chicken recipe

 7. Zucchini and Tomato Cheesy Muffins:

Big Batch Recipe/Freezer Friendly

savoury muffin recipe, big batch recipe

8. Cheese Pie (Tiropita): Big Batch/Budget Recipe

Cheese Pie recipe, Tiropita

 9. Sweet Potato, Spinach and Feta Cakes: Big Batch/Budget Friendly Recipe

savoury patties

10. Sausage and Egg Pastry Twist!  Big Batch Recipe/Gluten Free/Budget Friendly Recipe

gluten fre pastry recipe

 11. Lentil Burgers:
Big Batch Recipe/Budget Friendly Recipe

lentil burgers big batch recipe


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 12. Home Made English Muffins: big batch recipe!

English Muffin recipe: big batch recipe

13. Broccoli Cheese Muffin Slice

big batch recipes


14. Tinned Salmon, Broccoli and Cheese Quiche: budget


budget recipe


15. Pesto Pizza (no dough!): low carb/GF

Low carb pizza base


16. Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancakes): big batch, GF recipe

Japanese Style Pancakes Big Batch Gluten Free

 17. Bacon, Cheese and Olive Bread: big batch recipe!

Bacon, Cheese and Olive Bread


18.  Vietnamese Chicken Parcels: big batch recipe

vietnamese chicken parcels. big batch recipes


19.  Home Made Calzones: big batch, budget recipe!

big batch recipes


20. Quinoa Vegetable Burgers

quinoa vegetarian burgers


21. Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli: home made gluten free pasta recipe!

Gluten Free RAVIOLI with homemade Pasta!


22.  Lime and Coconut Chicken Burgers: big batch, low carb, GF recipe!

Lime & Coconut Chicken Burgers!2


23. Ricotta, Spinach and Tomato Tart


Ricotta Spinach and Tomato Tart

 24. Baked Almond Chicken Fingers: paleo/grain free/ big batch recipe!

paleo chicken nugget recipe


25. Cauliflower Nori Rolls: grain free




















26. Sweet Potato, Ham and Feta Cakes: gluten free













27. Make ahead frozen pizzas




















28. Quinoa, Cheese and Vegetable Tart

Quinoa Tart Recipe










29. Bacon and Feta Pasties: big batch recipe






















30. Maple Syrup Mustard Chicken

Maple Syrup Chicken Wings Big batch recipe














31. Cauliflower Cheese Fritters: Gluten free, big batch recipe!

Cauliflower CHeese fritter recipe







32. Cheat’s Slow Cooker Focaccia: budget recipe

slow cooker bread recipe









33. Home made Bagels: big batch recipe

bagel recipe















34. Vegetable Pancakes: budget recipe/big batch recipe!

Savoury pancake recipe

once-a-week cooking



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