Yakitori Chicken Kebabs! Big Batch! Gluten Free!

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chicken kebab recipe

There’s something very satisfying about preparing a meal in advance, popping it in the fridge until the next night and getting about your business.

A little pleasant Sunday afternoon kitchen pottering and I can enjoy my Monday (one of my busiest days) knowing that dinner is essentially a grill pan and a few green veg away!

I like to use the little 16cm bamboo skewers for my kebabs as they are perfect sized for my 4 year old (who will eat anything if it’s on a stick!), and they also stretch a little bit of chicken a long way!  Even my husband finds that he is quite satisfied with 2, maybe 3 of the little kebabs, rather than the same of the longer skewers he is used to.  A win for me with my child eating and I’ve managed a little sneaky portion control into the grownups meals! (which, lets face it, after my recent cheese binge, can’t hurt!).

I love these for a quick dinner served with some sauteed kale or steamed broccoli.  If I can be bothered, I’ll make rice, otherwise I keep some extra sauces and a pack of Corn (gluten free) tortillas handy for some Japanese inspired enchilada style eating!


(makes approx 30 x 16cm bamboo skewers)

1 cup tamari, gluten free or regular soy sauce

1 cup Mirin

6 tbspns honey

4 tsp ground ginger (that’s all I had, so if you have fresh, substitute it here)

8 garlic cloves (we’re all fighting winter colds, so adjust to your tastes) minced.

2 tsp sesame oil

1.5 kilos chicken (i used breast, but you could you boned, skinless thigh for a cheaper option)


Soak the skewers in water as you prepare the ingredients.

Dice the chicken into smallish cubes.

In a 4 cup capacity jug, combine all the other ingredients.

With a deep and large baking or ceramic dish ready (or two smaller dishes) thread the chicken onto the skewers and put in the dish.  I work on about 4 pieces of chook per little skewer.

Pour over the marinade, give the kebabs a good wriggle around to be as covered as possible, pop on a lid or cover with wrap and leave to marinade overnight. (or for a few hours).

At this point, I like to divide the kebabs and put some in freezer bags with marinade ready for defrosting and cooking another night.

To cook, simply heat a grill pan,BBQ or frying pan to medium hot and grill, turning frequently until cooked through.  You can brush over a little of the leftover marinade if you like.

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