Raspberry Chia Jam! Raw! Easy! Delicious!

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Raspeberry Chia Jam! 3 Ingredients!

by Emma Chow

We love high protein chia seeds at MamaBake.

All the fibre, omega-3s, calcium, phosphorus and manganese you could want out of such a tiny little seed.

There are a lot of recipes going round for chia seed jams, some cooked, some uncooked. If you’ve got lovely fresh berries, then do just give them a wash and follow the recipe. If using frozen, just allow to defrost before following the recipe. If your fruit is a little older, it would be best to cook it out first. Fruit that is older and is less than best condition will become mouldy faster, in turn shortening the life of your jam.

With chia jam, berries work best because they already have small seeds; while chia seeds expand and absorb water in liquid, the jam will still retain some of their seedy texture.


2 cups raspberries (I used frozen berries that had been defrosted)

4 tablespoons chia seeds

Juice of 1 lemon

1-2 tablespoons raw honey (optional – I’ve made jam with zero sweetener and my 4 year old loves it)


In a bowl, mash raspberries with a potato masher or fork.

Stir in chia seeds and lemon juice.

Add honey to taste, or whatever other liquid sweeteners you would prefer, such as maple syrup, agave, rice bran syrup or stevia.

Cover and allow to sit in the fridge for at least 1 hour.

Decant into a 250ml jar and keep in the fridge. It should keep for at least 2 weeks.


Try these Lemon Bars with Chia Jam for your next morning tea!

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