8 of MamaBake’s Most Unusual (and popular) Pizza Recipes

unusual pizza recipes


By Michelle Shearer

In recent months there has been an explosion of pizza experiments: paleo pizza, low carb pizzas, sweet potato gluten free pizza, no base pizzas, 2 ingredient pizzas, yeast free, pizza-free pizzas etc etc.

Indeed, one of our biggest all time recipes here at MamaBake was a cauliflower pizza base recipe.  Anyway, here you go: our list of our top 8 pizza recipes that might be considered a little unusual.


1. No Dough/Flour Free/Gluten Free/Low Carb Pizza!

No Dough Pizza Base recipe


2. Cauliflower Pizza Focaccia: Grain free/Gluten Free/Low Carb

Cauliflower Pizza Foccacia/low carb/gluten free


3. Mini Eggplant Pizzas: Low Carb/Gluten Free/Flour Free

Eggplant Mini Pizza: grain free/gluten free

 4. Cauliflower Pizza Base: low carb/gluten free

cauliflower pizza base recipe


5. Pizza Muffins for School Lunches


Zucchini Tomato Cheesy Muffins

 6. Sweet Potato Pizza Crust: Gluten Free/Egg Free/Dairy Free/Grain Free/Low Carb!

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust-Low-Carb-Allergy-Friendly


7. Make-Ahead Frozen Pizzas


Home Made Make Ahead frozen pizzas


8. 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough Recipe


2 ingredient pizza dough recipe


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