Banana Balls! Nut Free! School & Lunchbox Friendly!

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Banana Balls! Nut Free!

Words by Karen Swan.  Recipe by Kemi Nekvapil

My husband and my son adore dried bananas.  Not the crisp, little discs of banana.  Oh no.  For them, it’s the whole dried banana, soft and extra sweet.

All I see when I look at them is a giant dog poop.

Appetising, no?

I have flat out refused to even take a bite of one.

Up until now.

Over Summer I’ve been cooking from Kemi Nekvapil’s ‘Add More Raw” DVD.  She makes a lovely, simple ball recipe, using the infamous dried bananas.  I thought it would be a nice change from the overdose of Medjool dates I’ve subjected my family to for the past year!

These end up as a drier ball than the caramelly date variety, but pack an amazing banana flavoured punch!  Coating them in either coconut or sesame seeds is optional, but I found it prettied them up a little (actually, it was so I could fool myself that I wasn’t eating a dried banana!)

I’ll definitely be having a play around with different flavour combinations using bananas instead of dates as the base!  Having no nuts, these are school safe and perfect for those with allergies.



1.5 cups dried bananas (the soft, dark, sticky kind – not the crisps!)

1 T honey

1 cup dessicated coconut

1 tsp vanilla extract

Extra coconut for rolling

Sesame Seeds for rolling


Chop the dried bananas into smallish pieces.

Add all the ingredients into the food processor and blend until combined and the mix begins to form a big, sticky ball.

Remove from the processor and roll into small balls.

Coat in your topping of choice and set in the fridge.

Store these forever and a day in the freezer and you’ll never be far from a sweet snack!


This recipe was reproduced with permission from Kemi Nekvapil.  Be inspired by Kemi’s work at:

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