Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding: ALL TIME , ULTIMATE: dairy free/low fructose

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By Michelle Shearer

I can tell you, I’ve tried a few chia puddings in my time.  I’ve tweaked and twerked (maybe not actually twerking) various chia combinations and some have been a bit meh, some have been happy inducing but nothing compares to this euphoria-making chia dessert of cherry and chocolate JOY.

This is the all-time, best-ist ever-est chia pudding what you’ll ever ‘ave (yes I am breaking into Toddlerese as I write this).  You get the picture..

If you want low fructose, use the rice malt syrup instead of the other sweeteners.

..and if you have no idea what chia seeds are and what the fuss is all about, read our article here that lays it down.

In the meantime, give this a crack!


1 400g tin coconut cream
2 tbspns honey/maple syrup/rice malt syrup/agave
2 tspns vanilla extract
4 tbspns chia seeds
2 tbspns cocoa or raw cacoa powder
2 tbspns dried sour cherries


Pour coconut cream in a bowl and whisk through all remaining ingredients leaving chia seeds to the last added. Pop in the fridge overnight and it will be nice and thick and ready for the next day (think breakfast time).

Store in the fridge.

If you made this, comment below and tell us what you think of it.
Are you as rapturous as I am about it, or do you think I’m overreacting?


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