Borscht Beef: Slow cooker/Big batch Recipe! Bonus HorseRadish recipe!

By Karen Swan

Sometimes a meal comes along that just works.

This is one of them.

On a cold Winter night, there is nothing more satisfying than dipping a spoon into a bowl of thick, rich, slow cooked stew.

So delicious is this meal, it inspired a ‘happy beef dance’ from one of our MamaBake Canberra member’s husbands.  It doesn’t make me dance, but its  title does inspire me to speak in a Russian accent for the entirety of its cooking.

You’ll need a big slow cooker for this, but you can also do it one the stove top – just adjust the cooking times.  The horseradish dressing isn’t vital, but, oh my, it does take the stew into heady, swoon worthy territory!

Stew Ingredients

2kgs chuck steak, trimmed and cubed. *

2 onions – diced thickly

4 celery stalks – diced thickly

4 beetroot – peeled, and cut into wedges

1 small cabbage – diced

6 TB tomato paste

2 x 400g tins chopped tomatoes (or bottled tomato passata)

750ml of beef stock *

4 TB vinegar


Chuck everything in the slow cooker.  That’s it.  No browning required.  Cook on high for around 5-6 hours (my cooker is a big one, so you may need to tweak the qtys if you have a small slow cooker.  Keep an eye on the stew at around the 3 to 4 hour mark – you don’t want the beetroots to lose all their colour. If it seems to be cooking too fast, turn the temperature to low and continue cooking or go to the next step.

Remove the lid and cook on high for about another hour or so to thicken it up.

Season to taste.

Horseradish Cream Sauce Recipe

4TB horseradish

Squeeze lemon juice

4T chopped parsley or dill

Method:  Mix and serve dolloped on the hot stew.

*Stew freezes beautifully.

*Horseradish cream does not freeze – give to your mamas in a small jar that will keep in the fridge for around 3 days

*Vegetarians may like to substitute a suitable quantity of French lentils for the beef and use vegetable stock instead of beef.*



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