Raw Vegan Brownie Recipe!

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Raw Vegan Brownie Recipe

This recipe is shared with us from Narelle and is her favourite recipe:



Two cups of dates soaked
¼-1/2 cup cacoa or cocoa depending on preference
Two cups of nuts (whichever you prefer)
A couple of tablespoons of sunflower kernels
A cup of almond or peanut butter
¼ cupCoconut oil


Set 4-6 dates aside.
Process remaining dates with coconut oil, cacao and nuts in food processor.
Mix through sunflower seeds.
Push into a lined tin and refrigerate.
Process peanut butter with remaining dates to make a fudgy, nutty, caramelly topping and spread over brownie.
Slice and enjoy!

You can also use coconut, goji berries and all sorts of things. I love the ease and flexibility of this recipe


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