Yoghurt Curry Chicken: Three Ingredient/One pot/big batch with Cucumber salad.

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..another terrific one pot bake.  Chuck it all in the oven and forget about it until tea time.  I can’t get enough of them during the holidays.  I can hang out with the kids instead of fiddling around with dinner.

Serves about 8 people


1.2 kg chicken thighs
1 1/3 cups greek yoghurt
2 large tbspns Indian curry paste e.g tikka masala


Pre-heat the oven to 180degC
Mix the whole lot in a glass baking dish and pop in fridge to marinate for about thirty minutes then bake, covered in foil, for about forty minutes or until chicken cooked through. Cook uncovered for the final 10 minutes of baking to brown a little.
Note: if you like, add in some vegetables half way through cooking to make it a true one pot meal.  I added sweet potato and large chunks of zucchini.

Serve with home made naan breads or lemon-y buttered rice and a cucumber salad – see below.

Fresh Cucumber Salad

Slice a cucumber finely and place in a bowl then drizzle with lime juice and S&P.
Marinade in the fridge while the chicken is cooking and serve when chicken is ready.

Honey Soy Chicken – one pot dinner – here.

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