Dry Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Mix! Big Batch! GF!

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By Alethea Mauro

This is a great easy DIY gift idea that looks great, doesnt cost a fortune and is always a winner with young and old – who doesn’t love a cup of hot choccy?!

My 5 year old and I are total chocaholics and our special mummy and son dates are never complete without a cup of steamy hot chocolate overflowing with the all important marshmallows.


1 cup of cocoa (good quality dutch)

1 cup of raw cacao (or substitute with cocoa – I like the added bitterness of cacao)

2 1/2 cups of Organic Panela sugar (an unrefined sugar with a caramalised flavour – found in Woolworth’s) – can substitute with a fine raw sugar/coconut sugar

3 tsp. cinnamon, ground

1 block of dark chocolate (I used one that was 70% cocoa, however if wanting a sweeter flavour try good quality milk chocolate)

1 tspn sea salt, finely ground

Packet of small marshmallows (optional)

3 cups of powdered milk (optional) – When  I make my hot chocolate mix I do not add powdered milk.  However, if you would, try to look for an organic or one containing non GMO soy lecithin.


Now for the easy part!

Break chocolate into squares and place i n food processor and whizz until it is a fine powdered consistency and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl add the cacao/cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and salt and stir till well combined and any lumps have been broken down.  Add the powdered dark chocolate and mix thoroughly.

Spoon mixture into clear glass mason jars or similar and top with marshmallows – a cute finishing touch is a hand written label and some lovely ribbon tied around the top.

The mixture will make enough for 8 small glass jars (180 ml) or 4 medium-sized glass jars (as pictured).


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