Chocolate Fudge Ice Creams! Dairy Free!

by Karen Swan

Chocolate ice creams the kids will love and you won’t mind giving them!


(makes 10)

2 very ripe avocados

1 x 270 ml tin of coconut milk or the same amount of almond milk

1/2 cup honey

5 or 6 (depending on how rich you want them) Tablespoons of cocoa powder (or raw cacao or carob)

1 tsp vanilla extract or powder

pinch salt

Stir In Extras:  raspberries, dairy free choc chips, desiccated coconut.

Choco-cado Fudgsicles1 (this was taken as they had just come out of the freezer so they were still quite icy.)


Combine all ingredients (except the stir ins) in a food processor and run until the mix is smooth and thick.

Pour the mix out of the processor and into a bowl with a pouring lip.

Add any stir in extras.

Pour into the molds, adding a little more liquid if the mix is too thick.


Choco-cado Fudgsicles4

Un-mold and store in the freezer, wrapped in a layer of baking paper and cling film.


  1. Sarah Foskett says

    I made these and my chocoholic hubby announced they were ‘evil’ before I told him the ingredients. With the full dose of cacao in them, they are intense. I wish I’d ignored hubby’s opinion and added raspberries to break up the chocolate, as I’d originally planned.

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