Sesame & Oat Oven Tray Bread

Recipe by Pia Rowe.  All else by Karen Swan

Oh my.  This bread!  To give you an idea of how delicious it is, the mix made a full lamington tin size loaf and it was eaten (mainly by me) in 24 hours!

As I sliced wedge after wedge, my husband couldn’t help but quip “Would you like some bread with that butter?”  Please, buy the best butter you can afford and lay it on thick!  I’m drooling at the memory!

Pia’s original recipe used sunflower seeds, but I was out, so substituted sesame instead; either would be equally delicious.

This is a flat bread, kind of like a focaccia really. I sliced it into bread slice sized pieces, then in half.

Fresh, it’s best eaten hot out of the oven with butter, but is just as delicious the next day served toasted.  With more butter.

2013-11-16 15.29.26


2 cups warm water

2 T psyllium husks

1 sachet dry yeast

2 cups oats

2 cups plain gf flour

2 T honey or syrup

1/2 cup sunflower kernels or sesame seeds

1-2 tsp salt


Mix psyllium husks in water. Leave for 10 minutes.

Add to all the other ingredients and mix well (no need to knead).

Spread on an oven tray, approx 2cm thick.

Sprinkle little bit of GF flour on top and cover with a tea towel.

Leave in a warm, draft free spot for about 40 minutes.

Oven 200c fan forced or 225 regular for about 20-25 minutes.

Can also brush with water before baking.

Sesame & Oat Oven Tray Bread

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