Easy Dried Fruit & Apple Cakes! Big Batch!

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easy dried fruit and apple cakesThis recipe comes to us courtesy of long time MamaBaker, Cathy Giltrap.

This is a perfect cake for a MamaBake session!

You could fit 4 in the oven at the same time – and the best bit is it is utterly foolproof!

Because the technique is so forgiving it would be great to keep kids involved while other mamas are cooking.

The only rule is that what makes it is the ‘crumb’ and it needs to be a gluten flour for that – GF just misses the point sadly. It is fine with spelt. The other rule is that you can basically put anything into it and it will work.

Basic Ingredients:

1 c sugar,

1 c dried fruit,

1.5 c Self Raising flour,

2 GR smith apples,

Some spice,

2 eggs beaten,

60 g melted butter.


Mix all, pour into prepared cake tins and pop in a 180 deg oven for 50 mins.

I find it best if you leave it in the oven to cool with the oven turned off.


The one I made yesterday had 1/2 c sugar and 1/c c oats to make the bulk up (otherwise I often use coconut), currents, apples and plums, spelt flour and baking powder and coconut oil with a little mixed spice.

I topped one (did a double batch as they freeze fine) with pepitas and one with sunflower seeds. Often I add some chia seeds and amaranth flour to the mix.

As there is very little wetness in the mix, the apples are basically roasting so I have done it with an apple and pumpkin/ sweet potato/ zucchini & carrot mix too – any vegetable that roasts sweetly. Dates are also great, so is a bit of ginger in it. Sultanas are great because they burn and get chewy at the top of the crust.

It is a brilliant cake if you can do gluten.

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