Creamy Chicken & Tomato Stew! Slow Cooker! Big Batch!

There’s something about the combination of cream and tomato that makes my clan go a little crazy.  I can cook anything in this sauce, and they’ll eat it! (Think tuna, salmon etc)

I like to pop this in the slow cooker as my son is eating lunch, knowing I can then focus on whatever the afternoon holds; which currently means running around with a pool noodle pretending to be Darth Vader!  As an aside, I seriously wonder if little boys are born with Star Wars in their DNA.  My son has never seen Star Wars (neither have I!) and he has none of the toys!  His entire knowledge comes from toy catalogues and a LEGO encyclopedia!

The bacon gives the stew a beautiful smokey flavour and the capsicum adds to the sweetness.  I tend to go a touch crazy with the tomato paste as I like a rich sauce, but feel free to adjust the qty to suit your taste.  I have made this using good old tomato sauce when I discovered I was out of paste and I have to say, it worked a treat!

I judge dinner a success if my son eats it.  He asked for seconds.  ‘Nuff said.


(serves 12)

3 kg chicken boneless, skinless chicken thigh – trimmed but left pretty much whole

4 rashers bacon, trimmed and chopped roughly

2 brown onions – peeled and diced

6 garlic cloves – peeled and diced (I keep my garlic big, almost like a vegetable, but feel free to chop is as fine as you like)

2 red capsicums – sliced

2 x strips lemon rind

2 anchovy fillets (optional)

2 x 400g tins diced tomatoes

2.5 T tomato paste

2 tsp fresh or dry thyme leaves

500g (or more) of button mushrooms – cut in half

300ml pouring cream

Salt and Pepper to taste



Pop the first 10 ingredients into a slow cooker.

Cook on high for 3 hours

Add the cream and mushrooms and cook for another 25 minutes or so, then lift the lid and allow the stew to continue cooking until thick.

Creamy Chicken & Tomato Stew Big Batch!11

Serve with rice and steamed vegetables.  We actually just enjoyed it as is!  I’m eating mine as I type and the lads of the house are devouring it by the bowlful as they conquer the latest LEGO creation!

*You can do this on the stove top, in which case, soften the garlic and onion first, then brown the chicken and add the remaining ingredients and simmer until the chicken is almost done.  Then add the cream and mushrooms and simmer until the sauce is thicker.

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