Spiced Rice: big batch/budget friendly/slow cooker

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spiced rice big batch recipe
This is a firm favourite of the MamaBake Mackay group.  Sent in by Emma Gardner.

4.5 cups white rice

800 grams tinned tomatoes

2 large tablespoons of your fave home made taco seasoning

2 large onions

3 cups diced mushrooms

1 tin of corn kernels

2 red capsicums

4 cups chicken (or vegie) stock.


  • Sweat off the diced onion and mushrooms until browned.
  • Add the spices until heated through. (Can also add garlic and salt and pepper at this stage)
  • Add all other ingredients.
  • * If cooking in slow cooker – put on low for 5-7 hours, stirring two or three times
  • * If cooking on stovetop, more water may be required, boil on medium heat until rice cooks.


Great as a side dish with grilled meat, or very yummy on its own.

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