MamaBake Eltham’s Smokey Sugo Sauce with Pork Shanks


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Recipe by Erika of MamaBake Eltham Wattletree

This wonderful smokey flavoured sugo sauce (sugo is a ‘reduced down’ tomato sauce) is the firm big batch favourite of MamaBake Eltham Wattletree! ┬áIt simmered enticingly away on the stove during the afternoon of MamaBake, and was served over Erika’s fresh pasta.

Here’s how:

Sear 2 kg beef shanks or smoked pork shanks in olive oil. Add 5 cloves of garlic, chopped, stir 1 minute then add 6 x 400g cans of tomatoes and a bunch of basil. Add pepper and sea salt to taste, and a bit of smokey paprika if you have it. Simmer for an hour. Remove shanks and puree the sauce. Strip meat from the bones and add back into the sauce.

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