Vegetable Pancakes: Big Batch Recipe/Budget Heaven!

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By Michelle Shearer

This is the only recipe you need come the end of the week and you’re looking at some saggy old vegetables in the fridge – weird stuff like little squashes, dodgy little chillies – you name it, they go bloody brilliant in this big batch recipe.

Got some odd flours floating around in your pantry? Great!

Yes, it’s a big saggy veg and strange flour pancake party and everyone’s invited!  This is excellent for when times are tight – you can grab bags of veg on specials and grate them up to add to this pancake mix.  I’m tellin’ ya, they’re a meal unto themselves and you can cook up the leftovers for the kids’ lunch boxes with a little pot of some kind of yummy dipping sauce to go with them.

Use this recipe as a guide only.  We cook this lot up and we literally use whatever we have in the fridge and in the pantry.


4 cups of whatever flour you have – one cup of this, one cup of that…
A mountain of grated vegetables – say about 3 cups worth.
Make sure that at least half onion and some garlic is grated in – this will take these pancakes to the dizzying levels of amaze.
Add a finely chopped chilli if your family will allow
3 eggs
1/4 litre of milk – but play this by ear – use what you need to get it to a batter-like consistency.


  1. Stir the flours and the vegetables together and make a well in the middle.  Break in the egg and some of the milk and start whisking the dry ingredients into the well slowly.  Pour in more milk as you go until you have a nice thick batter.
  2. Heat up a heavy bottomed frying pan with a little oil and when it starts to shimmer, drop a spoonful of batter and cook until holes show through. Flip and cook until golden brown.  Sit on a paper towel to blot off any extra oil.

Serve with an egg and chutney on top for breakfast, spread on some avocado as a healthy toasty type thing or cook up a batch and send them off to school with the kids.

Note: Once cooked, freeze for another day.  To reheat, bake in the oven on 180degC for 20 minutes.

If you make these, come back and tell us how they went and if you adapted the recipe in any way.


  1. Myfanwy Trant says:

    I used 2 cups of coconut flour and 2 of plain flour. Next time I’ll keep it at 1 cup of coconut flour, as it was so dry I ended up needing to use nearly 750mls of milk

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