Maple Syrup Mustard Chicken: Big batch!

maple syrup and mustard chicken

Recipe by MamaBaker Belinda Hollington

We’ve had a few haul photos coming in this week on the Facey page – and don’t we just LOVE ’em?!  The calls for recipes are all consuming and Belinda, bless her cotton socks, happily shared with us.  Here is her Maple Syrup Mustard Chicken recipe you all asked for.  Thanks Belinda!

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(serves 20 people)

40 drumsticks
760g Dijon Mustard
260g Whole grain mustard
2 cups maple syrup
80ml Rice wine vinegar (optional)

Ingredients for 5 people only

10 drumsticks 
190gm Dijon Mustard
65gm Whole grain mustard
1/2 cup maple syrup
20ml Rice wine vinegar ( optional ) 


  1. Preheat your oven to 160 degreesC.
  2. Lay drumsticks out in the baking dish and mix mustard, vinegar and syrup together.
  3. Pour over the drumsticks.
  4. Slow cook until meat is almost falling of the bone.  After about an hour I turn the drumsticks and baste them

There is a lot of sauce left over so it can be used to pour over pasta or rice when you serve.

Belinda’s even  has her own channel over on YouTube.

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  1. Does this recipe freeze well?

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